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Happy Valentine’s Coupons at Guiry’s …Please.enjoy

At Guiry’s we’re all about spreading the love around, and for Valentine’s Day we want to show how much we love our customers!
Just click the link below to get special coupons only available to our email subscribers. These great coupons are valid at all 7* of our locations now through February 28th.

  • 20% off all in-stock handmade and decorative paper
  • 20% off all in-stock sheet stock and roll paper
  • 20% off all in-stock journals and sketch pads

And, if that wasn’t exciting enough….
You can also save an additional 10% off of the Guiry’s everyday discount on all wallpaper!
So whether you want to make a card for that special someone… 

…or you want to order the wallpaper for that honey-do project, let Guiry’s show you some love for Valentine’s Day!
*Art supplies not currently available at our Arvada location. 
Handmade paper card idea

DIY Valentine’s Day Cards!

Want to make a cute handmade card for someone special? Do you need some inspiration?
Click on the picture above and check out some great ideas on the Guiry’s Pinterest page.
Let the crafting begin!

Getting your coupon is easy!

Click here to print your 20% off coupon for handmade and decorative papers, sheet stock, rolls, journals and sketch pads!


Click here to print your coupon for an additional 10% off your wallpaper order!

Senior Discounts website

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Another great website for locating 50-and-older discounts is Launched in 2011, this site also lets you search for free by city, state or ZIP code, as well as by business or category.