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denver is the hottest market in the country….give me a call…

I thought you’d enjoy the clip from Fox Business News about Denver Real Estate.  They report that Denver is the hottest market in the country and give the reasons why.  It’s a good segment.


Buy or Rent? The Numbers are Changing

For some time during the recession, it made more sense for
people looking for a place to live to rent rather than buy.
However, over the last few months those numbers have been
shifting.  With mortgage rates remaining low, and evidence
that home prices may not fall much further, the increases in
rental prices across the country are pushing people to
consider buying over renting.  If you or anyone you know
would like to explore home financing, please give me a call

Primary Reason for Recent Home Sales

  • The primary reason to purchase a home among repeat buyers is often because of life changes: the desire for a larger home, a job-relocation or move, desire to be closer to family and friends, or a change in a family situation. Among ages of home buyers there are also shifts from the younger ages where buyers want to own a home of their own, to older ages where a change is taking place so they need to upgrade, downgrade or perhaps move cities for a job-related relocation.
  • The primary reason for the timing of the home purchase remains that it was just the right time to buy and the buyer felt ready to buy a home. Affordability is the second most common reason among all buyers; however, affordability has decreased in prominence in both repeat and first-time buyers. Affordability as a reason for the timing of the home purchase also changed based on age. Younger buyers placed a higher priority on affordability, while older buyers were more likely to purchase a home because they had to make the purchase when they did.